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STEP students have an opportunity to do an 8-week summer internship with a local company/agency or with a UNM faculty member. The students are paid a stipend for their participation.

Students are required to turn in an application packet, which includes a current copy of their resume, copy of their unofficial transcripts, a letter of intent (essay describing why they want the internship) and a letter of recommendation.

Students are matched to internships based on their interests and company/faculty needs.

Upon acceptance of the internship, students are required to register for a non-credit Co-op class through the Office of Career Services.

Some of the experiential learning activities our students are involved in through internships include:

• Assist in design and development of a pick and place automated robot to be used in manufacturing process.
• Working with CNC Machines to produce prototypes for customers.
• Develop microfluidic technology and biological related applications.
• Investigate the effects of plasma interactions to simulate astrophysical plasma jet interactions with their surrounding medium.
• Drafting and design to support highway and water/wastewater & drainage projects.
• Mammalian cell culture preparation of biomaterials and characterization of cellular response.
• Developing general automation technologies including smart sensors.
• Synthesis and fusion on nanoparticles.
• Perform power studies on an emergency generator.
• Developing RF data acquitions/control systems and troubleshooting of high power RF equipment.
• Building an algorithm for use with 3-D printer.

Some of the companies who have hosted interns include:
Army Corps of Engineers
Array Technologies
Bradbury Stamm
Fiore Industries
HDR Engineering
Honeywell Aersopace
IEC Electronics
Jaguar Precision Machining
Los Alamos National Labs
NM Gas Co.
Office of the State Engineer
OSO BioPharmaceuticals
Sandia National Laboratories
Schafer Corp.
The Aerospace Corp.